That AHH-HA moment

written by

Caleb Baker

posted on

April 21, 2021

My name is Caleb Baker. My wife Rebecca and I own and operate RC Farm just outside of Clearfield Iowa. I’m the 5th generation Baker to take over our farm. I grew up farming with my grandfather and father in a conventional manner. As I started trying to farm full time, I soon realized I would need to change something in order to be sustainable on the small amount of acres we farm. So I started researching alternative farming methods that might potentially be more profitable per acre. This led me down the path of regenerative farming and eventually led me to the likes of Gabe Brown, Ray Archuletta and Elaine Ingham. As I learned more about regenerative farming, I started to learn more about soil health and how the ecosystem as a whole functions. This of course led me to learn more about how soil health affects plant health, which in turn affects animal health and our health. And as I learned about soil health and the direct link to healthy food, I had this ahh ha moment. The crops and cattle that I grow and raise on my farm eventually end up on someones plate! I decided right then and there I wanted to change the way I was farming. I began to transition our farm to organic and raise my cattle on pasture with my focus on soil health and increasing biodiversity. It is my dream to one day direct market all of the products that we raise on our farm directly to consumers.

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