The Farmer

My name is Caleb Baker. My wife Rebecca and I own and operate R|C Farm just outside of Clearfield Iowa. I moved back to the farm in 2013 after a 5 year stint working on the NASCAR circuit. It was one of the toughest decisions in my life to date. I had built an amazing career over a short amount of time, quickly working up the ranks. During this time my grandpa had suffered from a stroke, leaving him pretty much incapable of performing his daily duties and forcing him to quit farming. This left only my dad to run the entire show. After coming home to visit for Christmas of 2012, I had learned that my father was acquiring help from the local “coffee shop guys” in order to get his farming done. I decided soon after that it was time to hang up my racing suit and move back home. So began my farming journey…

I always knew deep down that I would one day end up back on the farm. Farming isn’t just a job or a hobby to me. It’s in my blood. It’s what I love to wake up and think about every day. I started off buying my first couple of cows in 2015. I chose cows because they are what I know and what I enjoy. My grandpa and dad always had cattle when I was growing up. I really enjoy my cattle because you get to nurture them and watch them grow. They are amazing creatures. They can take plants and forbs that would otherwise be useless and turn them into proteins and manure. Cows have a personality too. It’s always fun to watch them run and jump for joy when moving them to a new piece of green pasture! 

In just a short amount of time, I have learned so much about how my small farm has such a big impact on the world around me. Soil health is often overlooked and hugely misunderstood. Not only are we raising 100% grass-fed beef, we are also transitioning a majority of our acres to be USDA Certified Organic. I hope you can follow along as we continue our farming journey!

The Animals

All of our cattle are born and raised right here in Clearfield, Iowa USA. Our cattle spend their lives out on pasture where they belong. Cattle that are outside in the fresh air and sunlight are much happier and healthier cows. We use low stress rotational grazing techniques that give our cattle access to fresh green pasture everyday. It’s just better for the animals. It’s better for people too, with higher levels of beneficial omega-3s and CLA’s.

The Pasture

Our perennial pastures are doing the environment some good too. They help prevent erosion and they store carbon deep in the ground where it belongs, keeping it out of the atmosphere. Pasture based farming increases biodiversity of plants, insects and our ever so important pollinators. We never use synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers on our pastures, which means healthier ecosystems and clean waterways.

"Meat" the team.

  • Caleb Baker
    Caleb Baker
  • Rebecca Baker
    Rebecca Baker
    The "R" in R|C

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